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Non-resident Iranian Researchers held a meeting with TMU Chancellor

Dr. Ahmadi, TMU chancellor, in a meeting with non-resident researchers which was held for the first time, expressed his respective university’s full support for this program and called it a golden opportunity for the transfer of knowledge and technology into the country.

Referring to the complete support for the cooperation with non-resident Iranian researchers, Dr. Ahmadi said: “TMU fully supports the initiative for the cooperation of Iranian specialists and scholars living abroad and makes use of this valuable, constructive opportunity to benefit from their experiences”.

He added that TMU has tried to offer good services in this regard and it has done an admirable record in this respect. He referred to this initiative as a way for the expansion of the university’s international collaborations and added that the settings for the engagement of non-resident Iranian experts who are willing to serve their country has been prepared more than ever.

Dr. Ahmadi referred to international collaboration as one of the priorities of the university and added that since TMU focuses on post-graduate education, it has tried to do its best by holding post-doctorate courses and offering sabbatical leaves.

He further added that an overall support for post doc courses and sabbatical leaves inside the country can greatly contribute to the transfer of valuable knowledge and experiences of non-resident researchers.

This meeting ended by holding a discussion forum in which Dr. Ahmadi listened to the comments and views and answered the questions.

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